Counselling and psychotherapy in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Counselling and psychotherapy in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

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Emma Taylor Counsellor - Bury St Edmunds Mail: about Counselling&body=Please write your enquiry here and I will respond as soon as possible. Emma Taylor  BA (Hons)  BACP Accredited LINK Adoption  Counsellor

01284 752845

If you would like to call or e-mail me to discuss how I can help you or to make an initial appointment, my telephone numbers are 01284 752845 or  07469 191419 (with confidential answer phone) 
or e-mail

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What is counselling?

Counselling helps you look at difficulties and problems that you may be experiencing in your present life

Sharing thoughts and feelings in the context of a therapeutic relationship will help you feel less isolated, and will enable you to understand more clearly what is happening now, and how you would like things to change.  This may be a particular issue, like a relationship breakdown, bereavement, redundancy and unemployment or a decision that you are having trouble making.

Talking about experiences in a neutral and confidential environment will help you to work through concerns, this then will make it easier to move forward and name the right choices for you!

The main focus of counselling is on problems in your present life.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is about a deeper view of you and your past experiences.  

Psychotherapy is a process of discovery.  In this process, we will work together to discover what events, situations, and relationships in your current life or earlier life are leaving you with uncomfortable feelings.  We will work towards you acquiring new, effective, helpful ways of understanding your experiences and the events in your life, your responses to them, and your actions. In this way your actions will become less automatic and based more on understanding and choice.

In short, psychotherapy looks at the whole human being and at the many complex factors that have contributed to making you unique.

Which do I choose?

Whether you feel that you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy or are still unsure, don’t worry, there is no need for you to decide prior to our initial session as we will look at what you hope to achieve from your sessions.

If you feel that you want to set definite goals at the initial session, we can or we can look at working out what your goals are over the next few weeks.  This is your experience and I am here to work with you, at your pace, throughout it.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Counselling & Psychotherapy - The Differences