Counselling and psychotherapy in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

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01284 752845

Emma Taylor  BA (Hons)  BACP Accredited LINK Adoption  Counsellor

If you would like to call or e-mail me to discuss how I can help you or to make an initial appointment, my telephone numbers are 01284 752845 or  07469 191419 (with confidential answer phone) 
or e-mail

Many of my clients have agreed that extracts from their letters and emails to me can be used on this page. I extend my thanks to them.

Dear Emma,

I did an email session with you not long ago and I just want to say thanks so very much for recommending "Toxic Parents" to me. It is absolutely fantastic and answers so many questions. It is helping me put all the stuff in my head into focus and giving it meaning. I never thought that a book alone could be so helpful. I have a queue from the rest of my sisters waiting for me to finish it! Once again, thanks so much." - Anon


"You've been a massive great big support to me this year and I appreciate your help a lot" - Claire


"Thank you for seeing me yesterday - talking to you really lifted my spirits and has left me feeling a great deal more confident." Anon


"Dear Emma,
Just a quick line to say thank you for seeing me at such short notice yesterday - Its been a mad couple of weeks, and a good rant was precisely what I needed!


"I'm really glad that i came across your web site and made the effort to come and see you, you've really helped me see things more clearly." - Paul


"Having never seen a Counsellor before, it took a great deal of courage to get here, but thank goodness I did."


"I have been in therapy for 6 years since I lost my husband of 19 years, I have had many Counsellors and when I finally found one that I worked well with, he relocated. I got myself in a bit of a state and I began searching on the Internet and found your web site, it took me about 2 days to be able to call and when I did, we hit it off. I wasn't even nervous about meeting you for the first time, I've been seeing you for about 2 months now and I really feel like I'm making progress, your gentle encouragement has given me the determination to go out there and socialise again, something I never thought I would and enjoy, Thanks so much." - Janet"

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Thanks for all your help". Ian

Hi Emma, I just realised that I left without saying thank you! So just wanted to say many thanks you for all your help and listening. I shall definitely be in touch if I feel that things are starting to get on top of me again.


"Thanks for making that so relatively easy"


"Thank you for all your help in the past year. I am so much happier than I was a year ago". - Graham


"I shall always be grateful for Emma’s support and professional approach to my problem" - Sharon


"I believe Emma is different to most. Her personality comes across as part of the counselling. You meet a ‘real’ person. To me this was a major factor in my counselling.". - Graham


“I’m glad I found you, maybe it was meant to be”.  Miss A


“Thank you for all your help, I cannot believe who I have become, I’m going to miss you and our sessions but it is time for me to try out things for myself.  I shall never forget what you have taught me.”  


“I know the reason I came to see you wasn’t the reason I stayed.  But I’m glad I did.  Therapy has been life changing for someone who didn’t want to come in the first place.  My ex girlfriend got something right”.  Mr S


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