Bury St Edmunds Counselling, Suffolk Emma Taylor BA (Hons), BACP Accredited, Link Adoption Counsellor

Different Types of Counselling

"I am an Integrative Counsellor with a particular focus on the relational aspect of the work". Emma

What does Integrative mean?

Individuals think, feel and react in different ways and by integrating different theories; it can bring about change in their lives. An integrative Counsellor can work with each person to produce a unique therapy adapted to suit what that individual client needs. Below are some of the approaches that an integrative counsellor may use.

Person Centred Counselling

offers a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor, in which the client can explore what they need and want and how they can achieve their goals.

Psychodynamic Counselling

works by bringing unconscious processes and emotions into consciousness; there is an emphasis on the influence of the past and on recurring patterns of behaviours and relationships.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

works by examining the ways that thoughts, feelings and behaviours can affect each other and how different aspects of these can be changed to solve specific problems.

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